Thousands of Xbox players logged on today to play the Call of Duty Modern Warfare Beta and were met with “You’re too early, check Microsoft store for the launch date.”

The issue

As confirmed by @charlieIntel on Twitter the issue appears to be a BIG mistake on Microsoft’s part. Apparently they set the release date to 09/21/19 instead of the date they advertised, 09/19/19. This issue only appears to be happening to those who have ordered digitally.

The Solution

Other than Tweeting Microsoft, the only other thing to do is to sit back and wait. Not much else to do here, just another instance of Microsoft screwing its users. Hope you didn’t take the day off of work for this.

Just wanted to let Xbox users know that they aren’t alone here.


Visit to get notified when the beta is good to go. Xbox knows about the issue now and is working on a resolution!