My Portfolio

My portfolio shows several projects I have worked on either by myself or as a member of a team. Each project that is on this page is here for a reason, whether to display something Iā€™m proud of or to show where I have failed and subsequently grown. This is by no means an extensive list of the projects I have worked on, but rather a portfolio of lessons learned.

Excel Micro

This project was handed off to me from another developer about halfway through the development process. I was tasked with building the remaining pages (blog, partner, contact), connecting the site to Unbounce, and responding to client feedback. The tools we used were: BS4, ACF

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Julius Works

This was a fun project to work on, I really enjoyed the design here. This is an example of a project I built from scratch.

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Rubicon Demand Manager

This was a simple, yet challenging project for me. In the end, the animations look great and the client was really happy with the job I did.

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