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When GZA said “diversify yo bonds”, I interpreted it as some financial lingo I’d never care about. Years after the Chappelle Show, I realize he meant that I needed to plant a lot of seeds in order to reap the fruits of my labor. So I’m taking my content and putting it on my own platform zacbanas.com. I’m doing this for several reasons, to own my content, to get more views overall and because Medium has gone downhill lately.

Owning my content

That goes for both content and work in general, but the latter is much more difficult to achieve.

Owning my content means I can use it for whatever and however I want. If I want to collect emails, make sales, etc.. I don’t need to ask anyone’s permission or follow any guidelines, and I put up what I want and do what I want with it.

I own this content, as long as I pay my bills, it exists. Because Medium is still relevant I plan on posting there until it is no longer. I will be publishing on zacbanas.com and distributing to other platforms. The original content will always remain.

Planting more seeds, casting more lines

Casting one line you can only catch one fish, casting two lines you can catch two fish. This is how I think about content creation and distribution online. If I post an article to my site, Medium, LinkedIn, Reddit, Facebook and Instagram the max viewers possible increases greatly.

For fun, let’s say I post this article to zacbanas.com only and say it gets 50 views in a month. Now if I post them to the other sites, if they get 5 views each that’s 25 extra views. Now take those 25 views and assume one of them subscribes to your blog, that’s future views.

All of this is to say that if you put your content in more places, your viewership can increase exponentially. The end goal should be to link back to a home base of sorts where you can collect emails, subscribers, etc..

I strongly advise you to start blogging right now, and when you publish your posts, put them on multiple platforms. If you don’t, you will look back in a year and think about how much you could have gotten done.